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If you’re looking for a fast and efficient return on investment, there isn’t a better way than paid advertising services. Let Design Genious put your money to good use.


Maneuver the Rough Tides with the Best Paid Advertising Agency in the USA

Entering the digital marketing arena isn’t enough. You have to make your business visible enough to get noticed. With our PPC management services, you can get better solutions to tackle the following:

Fluctuating Customer Demands

Our paid advertising agency excels in targeting the most sought-after keywords according to the current needs of your ideal customers.

Insufficient Leads

Dealing with reduced reach? We can help you craft a PPC strategy that works as a magnet to attract leads.

Restricted Algorithms

Industry regulations and algorithmic limits bind organic marketing. With our paid consulting, you can extend beyond the boundaries.

Low Rankings

Paid advertising is the best way to pace up search results and get a higher ranking in the SERPs.

Unachievable Targets

Nearly every business stresses over untouched targets. Our pay-per-click consultancy can help you avoid it by setting realistic goals.

Tough Competition

No matter your industry, competitors can ace if you’re not ahead of time. So, let our PPC experts bring you maximum business traction.

Our Solution PPC Management Services that Clickon Your Success

At Design Genious, our expertise aligns with the best PPC strategies that utilize data to drive traffic. As a result, you can get the highest return on investment in minimum time.

Pay-Per-Click Consultancy

Our pay-per-click consultancy focuses on providing one-on-one consultation. During that, we discuss your goals, track progress, and research keywords to craft a campaign that works in your favor.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Managing and keeping track of PPC campaigns can take a toll on your business. And that’s where you can trust our pay-per-click management services to take care of everything. From analyzing campaign structures to conversion statistics, we handle everything.

Paid Advertising Services

Our paid advertising services take the hassle away of deciding the when, where, and how of targeting your ideal customers. For that, we use a combination of tactics to zone in on your audience via Facebook, Google, Bing, and many more.


Our Clients Love Us

Some words make their way straight to the heart – even more so if they’re from happy clients.

We increased our social media followers in a month!

We’re a rock music band. Unfortunately, the organic postings didn’t give many results, but after hiring Design Genious for Facebook ads, we saw tremendous results. Their paid marketing strategies got us more than a couple of thousand followers in a month.

- Chris R.

My new business got better visibility.

As a relatively new brand, I was unsure if paid advertising would work for us. But I was pleasantly surprised with the quick results. Not only did it push our brand to the top of Google search results, but it also improved the site traffic, all thanks to Design Genious.

- Nathan K.

The most professional team we came across.

Design Genious’s PPC experts are friendly and easy to work with. Our last Google Ads campaign was terrific, and I can’t wait to see them create another.

- Eve P.

No match for their PPC strategies

Not every paid advertising agency understands different businesses as Design Genious does. I even referred one of my business partners to these guys, and he was impressed, too.

- Madelyn D.
Our Specialty

Our PPC Experts Deploy Tactics
to Boost Your ROI in a Flash

At Design Genious, we’re passionate about helping brands touch sky-rocketing heights. And that’s why we analyze each business model to determine the best campaigns according to specific platforms. It’s one of the reasons we boast of our expertise in:

Google Ads

The digital world revolves around search engines and keywords. To become a master in your relevant industry, you have to conquer the workings of search engines. Keeping this in mind, we create ad campaigns to run on Google.

Our paid management services for Google Ads include performing competitor ads analysis and keyword research. Once we’ve deciphered the right approach, we create campaigns and ad copy that guarantee high conversion rates. Moreover, we have dedicated ad managers to keep track of your accounts and monitor progress. In the long run, it helps modify campaigns to garner the best results.

YouTube Ads

If there’s a platform that works like a magnet to attract people, it’s YouTube. Gone were the days when it was only used for entertainment. Now, YouTube is where businesses build awareness, attract leads, promote services, and eventually find loyal customers.

Design Genious excels in meeting the unique needs of businesses to reach maximum leads and get ahead of competitors. The ads we create fit the engagement criteria and work as a power-packed booster, compelling users to take action. The result? Your website and landing pages flood with leads to nurture.

Campaign Management

No two businesses run on the same model. And as a paid marketing agency working for years, we realize your campaigns are the babies that need an extra caring hand from the start to flourish. That’s why we go the extra mile to test the success rate of a campaign, whether for YouTube, Facebook, or any other.

Consequently, it delivers the desired results, giving you a push at the forefront of the digital realms. Furthermore, our pay-per-click management services involve creating campaigns based on ideal customer preferences. This includes researching user behaviors, searches, and interests on different platforms.


True marketers realize the game-changing effects of retargeting. Design Genious is proud to be one of them. Retargeting focuses on creating ads for prospects who have already visited a site or service and left for unexplained reasons. So, this type of ad acts as the driving force to guide the user in the right direction.

Our team designs retargeting ads by understanding where customers stand according to the sales funnel. This speeds up the process and brings users to make well-informed decisions.

Why Choose

Us as Your Go-To Paid Advertising Agency?

  • Get rid of time constraints
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Control brand reputation
  • Ranker higher on search engines
  • Retain maximum clients
  • Reduce bottlenecks in managing campaigns
  • Utilize the latest advertising tools
  • Achieve set milestones faster than ever
  • Save valuable money spent hiring unproductive resources
We Make

Attracting Qualifying Leads Easy

Paid marketing is not simply running ads on search engines – it has more to do with producing more bang for your buck. And with Design Genious, earning a significant return on your investment is not a matter of if but when.

Our Process

A Paid Advertising Agency that Paves the Way for Higher ROI

We’re proud of the results we deliver. But a big chunk of this effort goes to the process – and the brains, of course.

Research & Plan

We start with keyword research to evaluate the keywords to go for. Afterward, we plan the best strategies according to your unique goals and objectives.

Campaign Creation

This step includes writing and optimizing ad copy and creating the fundamentals of a campaign.

Account Management & Monitoring

Once the campaign goes live, we manage accounts, monitor progress, and tweak the strategies to drive leads and sales for your business.

We Make

Awards & Achievements

Worldwide recognitions humble us, but they also motivate us to strive for more.
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