Chat GPT-4 vs. Chat GPT-3: What’s New and Interesting

The digital world had enough to ponder with the introduction of Sophia – the social AI robot. Until whoosh, we were hurled with yet another ground-breaking invention – Chat GPT.

Launched by Open AI as an AI chatbot, Chat GPT has proven its capabilities in numerous fields. From IT to web development and content creation, Chat GPT, specifically GPT-3, gave creative minds the booster they were looking for.

Uses of GPT

Since its launch, GPT has been used by people to:

  • Create content
  • Write codes
  • Troubleshoot coding issues
  • Automate translations
  • Research queries
  • Brainstorm content ideas

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As mind-blowing as GPT-3 is, it often results in inaccuracies – something that the tasks it’s being used for can’t afford. This led the makers to delve deeper into this state-of-the-art tool and develop a robust version – Chat GPT-4.

Made from a mixture of AI language models, GPT-4 is breaking records.

So, what’s different and better in this conversational AI tool that the previous version lacked?

Let’s find out.

Chat GPT-4 vs. Chat GPT-3 – What’s Different?

ChatGPT-4 is fast gaining popularity among users. And not without reason. Some of the visible differences include the following:

1. Chat GPT-4 Is Only Available as a Paid Version

For someone messing around with Chat GPT-4 for fun, a free version is more than up for the task.

However, since organizations are leveraging GPT to fast-track their projects, the previous version has its drawbacks. For example, the free GPT-3 offers limited availability slots. That means you can only access this AI chatbot when there is a low demand for it.

In comparison, Chat GPT-4 offers a higher availability. But you must subscribe for $20 a month to avail of this feature. Considering what you can manage with this conversational AI tool, a few bucks aren’t a big deal.

2. Chat GPT-4 Can Understand Images

One of the greatest differences between GPT-3 and GPT-4 is the understanding of images. Apart from text generation, GPT-4 possesses the ability to comprehend images.

In comparison, GPT-3 is only constrained to support text-based prompts. Here’s how Chat GPT-4 uses its image recognition technology:

  • Explain what’s happening in a photograph
  • Read a map
  • Describe a pattern on a piece of cloth

This feature is still in its infancy stage, but when further developed, it can become ground-breaking for people with vision problems.

3. Chat GPT-4 Has a 25,000 Input Word Limit

Ever got frustrated while waiting for GPT-3 to churn out results? Or because it restricted your information input? Consider that problem solved with GPT-4. Chat GPT-4’s natural language processing is designed with an input limit of 25,000. Compare that with Chat GPT-3’s limit of 3,000, and you’ve hit bingo.

That means you can get refined results for large documents. Think of text summaries and lengthy codes.

Besides that, GPT-4 exceeds GPT-3’s efficiency by 16% when it comes to machine learning benchmarks. Its AI language models also put an end to the challenges faced by non-English speakers.


While GPT-3 could only converse and understand English, GPT-4 can also efficiently comprehend other languages.

4. Chat GPT-4 Has a Higher Level of Accuracy

They say a knife can cut an apple or injure someone. Chat GPT is no different.

Unsurprisingly, GPT-3 was attacked with malicious requests, disallowed content, and much more. Users soon found it easier to trick GPT-3 into giving the wrong information.

Although it was not a hurdle for professionals who understood that NLP advancements like Chat GPT are an add-on than solely to be relied upon, students faced the most problems. More importantly, GPT-3 only utilized data up to June 2021.

Chat GPT-4 was designed while keeping these aspects in mind. For instance, it’s next to impossible to fool GPT-4.

Besides that, GPT-4’s training data is updated to September 2021 to provide users with more current information. Last but not least, it’s equipped with the power to recognize and manage malicious requests.

5. Chat GPT-4 Offers More Scope for Creativity

While some may consider it crossing ethical boundaries, GPT-4 has proven its mettle in adding a creative touch to write-ups. Its predecessor lacked flow and consistency and even churned out incoherent outputs.

So, although you can use GPT-3 as a content creation tool, the results aren’t fulfilling. Besides, it feels more like the tool is spitting out monologues instead of creating meaningful and well-thought-out blogs. However, the new version is more powerful than ever before.

The result?

Users have even found it helpful to write short stories, poems, and other creative works.

The only drawback: since students are quickly getting attracted to this phenomenal tool for content creation, it has paved the way for AI detection tools.

What Chat GPT-4 Can’t Do

Despite Chat GPT-4’s monstrous success, there are quite a few things it can’t do. Some of them are as follows:

  • Chat GPT-4 cannot analyze audio or video.
  • Chat GPT-4 doesn’t update its knowledge in real-time.
  • Chat GPT-4 doesn’t understand humor or sarcasm.
  • Chat GPT-4 can’t provide personal advice.

With that said, Chat GPT-4 is being further enhanced at the time of writing this blog. So, we can always expect a plethora of mind-boggling revelations.

Parting Words

The digital era comprises people looking for answers at their fingertips. And Chat GPT-4’s invention has made the impossible look possible.

The new version is not only grabbing attention left, right, and center, but it also looks promising for future advancements. The only line to draw is ethical and moral values, and one can surely leverage this tool to the fullest.

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