6 Shopify Website Design Tips to Create a Beautiful Site

In today’s era, many people judge your business from your website. So, you need to take care that you design your website flawlessly.

After all, your business credibility is based on the website design.

Besides, do you know that when it comes to e-commerce websites, Shopify comes in the third number?

It is the most popular e-commerce website all over the world. However, it doesn’t matter what you sell or how important it is. You have to present it nicely to attract customers.

If you are a new seller, it is time to design your website. But the question arises how you can get the best Shopify store?

This blog will discuss the 6 Shopify website design tips to create a beautiful site.

Pros of Designing Shopify Store

Suppose any customer comes across your site organically, and that individual doesn’t know about your business. What will he notice first when he sees your website?

The layout of your website is the first thing he will see.

So, great designs convey the value of your business and attract people to it. However, designing Shopify stores can create great trust and reliability among individuals in seconds.

It is fair enough to say that you will also not buy anything from the poor-looking store. In other words, your web design is vital in engaging individuals.

Represent Your Website with an Attractive Theme

Firstly, choose a theme of people if you want to make your business representable.

Your theme is the backbone of your website, as this creates the first impression of your business. So, you must make a theme that positively impacts your customer in seconds.

A website helps you get leads and retain them in the long run, which is necessary if you are an e-commerce seller. The best converting Shopify themes make your business easy. You can make changes whenever you want.

So, ensure your website theme creates a positive persona for your business. But while choosing a theme for your Shopify website, you need to keep some questions in your mind:

  • How my product[H1]s should display on my site?
  • How many features do I need for my website?
  • What can make my user buy from my store?
  • What experience do I deliver to my customers?
  • How much money should I spend on this website?

These are the few questions that will be beneficial for you to create an appealing website.

Furthermore, make sure that you choose a mobile-friendly theme. Mobile-friendly theme plays a vital role in providing customers with a top-notch experience.

Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

The most evaluative Shopify website store tip is that your website loads quickly. Your customer will move to your competitor if your website loads slowly. Therefore, it will cause your business a significant loss of around 2.6 billion.

To avoid such loss, ensure you work at the site’s speed.

When you build your store on Shopify, you can support several features in your site for the task. First, however, you can check your site speed on Google page speed insight to deliver an enticing experience to your audience.

If your site load slowly, then work on a few elements:

  • Remove Unnecessary Features

You can add different features and widgets to your website to look good. But many of the features and widgets can cause problems in loading the website.

To create a better experience for your audience, remove the unnecessary elements. Instead, try to keep the most important ones.

  • Reduce the Size of the Image File

High-resolution photos might enhance your site, but they bring a lot of drawbacks too, which make the site slow. You need to compress the size of the pictures for a better loading experience.

  • Avoid Third-Party Themes

Shopify allows you to use third-party themes on your website. However, sometimes third-party themes can have additional features that slow the website. So, it is best to stick to Shopify themes since you know what you need for your site.

You can also get help with your website loading time to work on in-page speed services. Furthermore, in-page can affect search engine optimization. Therefore, it would be perfect to choose Shopify themes for SEO, as they can help you develop an SEO-friendly site.

Work on Visuals While Designing Your Website

Another tip for the Shopify site is to add visuals to your site.

Since your customers can’t see your product in person, they need to see it visually. In addition, it will help them to choose easily.

Moreover, the visuals mean you can use photos and videos to represent your products to the customers. While uploading visuals to your site, ensure you upload every angle of your product to showcase it perfectly.

Add Features to Connect with Leads

You can develop the lead by linking it to your business when designing a Shopify store. Furthermore, it would be best if you had a Shopify store with features enabling you to connect with prospects.

Social media buttons are one feature you need to add to your website. It enables your customers to follow your business on different social media platforms you use.

Another feature you should add is an email sign-up bar. You can design this bar as the Call to Action (CTA) button. This way, your audience sees and signs up for your emails.

Apps to Improve Your Site

The second last tip for an enhancing website is to use apps to create your site. For example, Shopify uses apps to add different website features to enhance customer experience, such as WordPress plug-ins.

The best part is you can use so many apps to create your site, for example:

  • Apps for helping in finding the products and places to sell.
  • Apps focus on marketing, selling, and more.
  • Apps made for order and shipping.

Whether looking for marketing or managing your inventory, you can add apps to create flawless e-commerce websites.

Don’t Go Overboard

If you want to engage your audience, make it evident that you stay moderate.

Most companies make a blunder. They overload the website with a lot of chunks. When you have plenty of information, you want to share it with your audience. However, it makes your website overcrowded. When using the Shopify website design, make sure you use white space throughout.

White space lets you keep your audience stuck to the text and photos while scrolling your site. In other words, when you add design features to your site, ensure it will look manageable.

Get Your Shopify Store Customized Today

Now as you know the tips to build the perfect Shopify store, it is your turn to develop your e-commerce website on Shopify. So, if you are still confused, Design Genious is here to help.

You can use our Shopify web design services for the site that fits your business and enables you to generate revenue. We are experts in crafting websites that lift your business to new heights.

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